The Traditional Tibetan Medicine & Healing System is over 2500 years old and is one of the oldest medical systems practiced in the world. Yuthog Yonten Gonpo, regarded as the Father of Tibetan Medicine wrote the rGyud-bZhi, the fundamental medical text book for the training of Tibetan medical practitioners.

Under the temporal leadership of The V Dalai Lama in 1696, the first official medical college called Chagpori Drophenling at Lhasa, Tibet was established for the monks.

Later, the XIII Dalai Lama established the Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute at Lhasa, Tibet (Men Tsee Khang). This institute was open for the lay people to study Tibetan medicine and astrology.

During the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959, the Chagpori Medical College at Lhasa was completely destroyed.

In 1962, HH The XIV Dalai Lama re-established the Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute at Dharamshala in India. Today, it has more than forty branches all over the world.

In 1992, Dr Trogawa Rinpoche, holder of the rare lineage of Chagpori healing and practice, established the Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute at Darjeeling in India. Today, we have many Chagpori Amchi's (Physician/Doctor) practicing all over the world.

Chagpori Drophenling Dratsang, Lhasa before 1959

Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute, Darjeeling, India